Celebrating 32 years in Temple, providing the community with the best Dance & Power Tumbling program in the area. Classes from ages 2-18 yrs. We offer Both recreational and competitive programs in dance and tumbling. We offer multiple class discounts, and family discounts saving parents time and money to have all their children’s activities in one place. We pride ourselves in teaching correct technique in a safe and friendly atmosphere.


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Pivot Performance Arts

2 hours 43 minutes ago

Pivot Performance Arts shared USASF Dance's video.

2 days until #DanceWorlds2018 ! #USASF #AllStarDance

Pivot Performance Arts

11 hours 54 minutes ago

This is a great way to watch the girls compete at Worlds!!

Pivot Performance Arts

15 hours 8 minutes ago

Pretty Pretty Princess!! 3 days till we see the real ones!!

Pivot Performance Arts

21 hours 8 minutes ago

Meet Erika, she is a proud member of our All Star Worlds Dance Team. She has been a member of our P!vot Fam!ly now for 13 years.

The quote that she hears in her head is, "It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it." -unknown

Her word for this year is TINY. Many people love to tell her that she is tiny and tend to use it as a negative thing. But this year, she has been able to expand on this and use it as a positive. Although she may be tiny, she can accomplish many things because she can be "tiny but mighty."

Erika's favorite memory this year was when they held an open gym at P!vot. Although it was a fundraiser, it was amazing to help her community, laugh with her teammates and have a little fun!

"There is always one member on the team that breaks all stereotypes and expectations set by society standards. It's the one that you look at and say, well they can't do that because. I feel like it is God's way of reminding me as a coach to not underestimate any child in what they have to offer. Erika, although "tiny", packs a lot of power. In fact, at the beginning of the year, most never looked to her as an example but now is the first they look at as far as nailing a new skill the first time she tries it. Completely humble in all of her actions, Erika provides our team with leadership in the underestimated. She shows everyone that it can be done no matter your size or shape and how to not put up road blocks around your goals." -Cara