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ADV Hip Hop (8+)

Advanced Hip Hop is for those that already have fallen in love with the diversity of movement in Hip Hop and understand the dynamics that goes along with each and every move. This class is one that is full of energy from the moment you step into the room. It is one that teaches very popular versions of street dancing featured in music videos and by their favorite performers.  Throughout the year you will learn various styles and social dances that become popular during the course of the year. This genre teaches endurance, power and coordination. This class participated in our year-end recital with the rest of our classes.


Attire: Pastry HH Shoes (please no street shoes that are worn outside the studio, this brings in dirt to our once clean floors), comfortable clothes such as leggings, t-shirt, or sweats.

Develop self expression

Develop musicality

Develop Stage Presence

Gain Confidence

Develop Coordination