Creative Movement (18 to 36 months old)

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Creative Movement (18 to 36 months old)

Creative Movement is a class for all things toddlers. With the combination of song and dance, we are able to provide our tiny aspiring dancers a place to develop their coordination, creativity, listening skills and musicality while engaging their imaginative spirits. In this class, dancers engage in song and dance with the use of music and props to help them better absorb and retain.  This class participates in our year-end recital with the rest of our classes and is always one that is guaranteed to steal the show.

Girls’ Attire: pink or black leotard with or without a pink or black skirt or tutu, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (without ties)

Boys’ attire: black shorts with white t-shirt, black ballet shoes (without ties)

Develop their Coordination

Explore Creativity

Develop Listening Skills

Engage in song and dance

Participate in cue and response