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Elementary Combo 1 ADV

Our Elementary Combo 1 Advanced classes serve as an introduction to dance for both Preschool and Elementary school-age dancers.  It is here, where they will receive the basic instruction necessary to a good dance foundation focusing on the technique and progressions in both ballet and tap.  Repetition is key at this age; combos at both the barre and center floor will ensure that the student is retaining the skill that will move them into the next progression. The Elementary Combo 1 ADV is for those students that have already completed their first year of Elementary Combo 1. These classes participate in our year-end recital with the rest of our classes and perform both their tap and ballet routines.

Girls’ Attire:  pink or black leotard with or without a pink or black skirt or tutu, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes with elastic tie

Boys’ attire:  black shorts with white t-shirt, black ballet shoes, black tap shoes with elastic tie

Formation of Tap Combinations

Extend their world of Ballet

Develop Creativity

Develop Performance Quality

Grow their confidence

Year-end –recital