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Musical Theater (8+)

Instructors may focus on one genre at a time, or a fusion of two styles.  This is a fun up-beat class where students learn stylized jazz steps and technique that are true to the most shows out there. This class will focus mainly on dance combos, vocals and work on facials and performance aspects of the stage. This class is set to energetic music and show tunes. This class participates in our year-end recital with the rest of our classes.

 Girls’ attire:  fitted top, dance shorts, leggings or fitted cropped pants and black jazz shoes

Boys’ attire:  black pants or shorts and t-shirt and black jazz shoes

Combination of song and dance.

Develop their coordination.

Develop creativity.

Develop listening skills.

Engage in song and dance.

Year-end recital.

Event Hours(1)

  • Tuesday

    17.00 - 17.45